Gweilo is in the homeland of Buddhism, while Morgan is in India. If Budda came back and went on one of these adventures which would he recognize as Buddist culture, which would he call Tibet.

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With Morgan we get a feeling of what one may say would be familiar to Budda. The daily activities are simular, although in Budda’s time there were no press or announcements to the press. Not so many fences in Budda’s time; the area was more of tribal boundries without European notions of national borders. Tribal boundreis tended to overlap, they were the area used by the tribes and not exclusive to one group or another.

For Gweilo he must wake up early in the morning to experience a sunrise, not to fault Gwielo; He is merely using the monastery in the way the Chinese use the monastery, like a motel, (where one drives his car to so they can sleep overnight). This is a great contrast to how the monastery is used with Morgan.

It should be noted with sadness the discrepancy between needing to climb a mountain to experience a sunrise vs the beliefs held in the day. Not that it is wrong to climb a mountain but does the sun not rise wherever you stand? Is it any less a unique experience at the lake or even through the window? Can one not experience joy wherever one stands and looks on what is beautiful?

Is climbing a mountain to see a sunrise really a genuine experience of a Monks life? Something says to me Gweilo missed out on a genuine experience. If he were with monks who were not performing for tourism he could of simply watched the sunrise from the monastery and considered how unique each sunrise is — something he could have taken with him after the experience.

Indeed see Andrew Yip and Sarah-Jane article.

In the prayers watched between Morgan and Gweilo … Gweilo’s experience is the prayers are all done at a specific time, in a specific clothing, and without interaction with guests. It is Ironic that Morgan who would be experienced in staged productions would experience people interacting and in whatever clothing they happen to be wearing.